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The Narcissism of “Read Me”

There is a particular edge to art, to creation, an aggressiveness almost. It is after all a matter of some chutzpah to think that anyone would or even should care about this little bit of X that you have brought into the world. The attitude perhaps best expresses itself in phrases like “we [artists] are […]

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Flights of Fantasy

Other than by the default of being human I’m not sure what makes our species so interesting. We spend much of our time concerned about food, we move about in more or less set territories and even smaller circles of familiarity within them, we seek pleasure and avoid pain, we call to each other in […]

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The Show Must Go On

As we’ve frequently discussed here, and as has almost become something akin to conventional wisdom, creative endeavors nowadays really can’t expect any degree of support from anywhere. Partly this is due to the economic and social climate, but partly too to the simple fact of over-saturation: millions more people are now expressing themselves – or […]

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Writing on a Prayer

“But I have trusted in thee, O Light, and said: Thou art my saviour. And my commandment, which thou hast decreed for me, is in thy hands. Save me out of the hands of the emanations of Self-willed, which oppress me and persecute me. Send thy light over me, for I am as naught before […]

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