By Prescription Only: Themed Writing

It’s been a steamy typhoon flecked summer out here in the East, but now we’re back with our regular Friday posts. And what a welcome back we’ve got lined up because we’re now taking submissions for our short story and essay showcase – By Prescription Only.

Here’s the deal. A couple of times a year, we’re going to publish readers’ shorts and essays each Friday, sequentially, over the course of a month or so. But what binds these random sparks of literary verve together, I hear you ask. Theme, that’s what. And the first one, chosen in true Drugstore style while hooched on Russians White and Black, is Privacy. Yep, Privacy, as in Big Brother’s watching you, your little brother too, and your ex-lover, and well, you get the idea. So if you feel like penning a short or an essay exploring some facet of this topic then read on.

In a nutshell

  • Theme:Privacy                                                                                                                                Style: short stories or essays (no limitations on genres within shorts)
  • Word Length: 1000-3000 words
  • Deadline: October 31st (with the first one slated to be published November 16th)                                                                                             Format (1): MS Word single spaced
  • Format (2): a title/byline centred at the top; use underlines for italics; a hash (#) symbol on a new line denoting new paragraphs; © name and year in the bottom right hand corner

A few more details

The theme has purposely been kept broad, so whatever Privacy means to you is good with us. If you’re an essayist who’d like to explore some part of the topic—past, present or future—more power to you. Short stories are welcome in any genre you like to write in.

Regarding format, we’ll paste your work directly onto our site. In addition, we’ll put your writing into a downloadable PDF so that it can be read on e-readers and other newfangled devices, should readers choose. (If you don’t want your writing available as a PDF then please state that in your email).

A word on copyright: As usual with Drugstore, you own 100% of your writing. We’re just exhibitors. Your writing will be made available to the public free of charge. (There’s actually no need for the © symbol, but in this digital age where files are transferred between multiple devices, adding your your name, the year, and the copyright symbol is probably better than not adding it.)

Finally, we reserve the right NOT to publish work that we don’t wish to be associated with.


That’s all for now.  Tune in again next week.




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