Star Frontier: Hindsight Part I by Hamish Spiers

Our By Prescription Only: Themed Writing showcase continues with the next two installments by Hamish Spiers, author of the Star Frontier series. All of Hamish’s books are available as paperbacks and ebooks. If you like his stories here then check out the full saga!

And then some: The following story is entirely a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, brands, media, events, etc. are either the product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. The author acknowledges the trademarked status and trademark owners of various products referenced in the following works of fiction, which have been used without permission. The publication/use of these trademarks is not authorized, associated with, or sponsored by the trademark owners. Some stories in this showcase contain adult themes, so reader caution is advised.

Star Frontier: Hindsight Part I by Hamish Spiers


This is a short story related to my Star Frontier series, one of many in a growing collection that I intend to one day publish.

However, I believe that this particular story gives interested readers a nice little taste of the Star Frontier universe, as well as fitting the theme of ‘expectation’. Naturally, I believe the actual novel ‘Star Frontier’ is the perfect jumping in point but ‘Hindsight’ might be a good way to get your feet in the water, so to speak. It’s set twenty–eight years before the events of ‘Star Frontier’, early in a decade–long war that heavily shaped the nations and regions that feature in the series. Those who have read ‘Star Frontier’ will probably work out who one of the characters is and those who have read its immediate follow–up ‘Star Frontier: Beyond the Veil’ will instantly recognize her. However, whether you’re already familiar with the Star Frontier series or are just checking it out for the first time, I hope that you enjoy ‘Hindsight’.


Hindsight: Part I

257 Corsidan Standard

“This is nothing less than a conspiracy hatched by Lord Eras himself.”

The man was strong, broad shouldered, with a rich tan and thick hair of an auburn hue that was more red than brown. Although he was now in his forties, he was nevertheless the picture of youthful strength – but his voice faltered as he spoke and his gaze was unfocused.

Beside him, his wife heard and saw these things and looked on him with concern. She too projected the strength and vitality of youth and she was a woman of beauty to equal her husband’s, though hers was of a markedly different kind – with dark eyes, alabaster skin and light blonde hair.

“Jarekeiv,” she said, her tone soothing. “Tell me. What is the matter?”

“It is clear as if it were written before my very eyes that Lord Eras has assisted the Taelemeirs at every step along their path. The Swift Hawk is mine. It –” Jarekeiv broke off. “For years, my staff and I…”

“Tell me,” his wife said. “Just tell me what happened today.”

“We lost the industrial espionage case against the Taelemeir Ship Building Family,” Jarekeiv said at last, tears welling in his eyes. “We cannot manufacture the Swift Hawk and it is now we who must provide compensation commensurate to the losses of… We, I ask you!” He sat down and held his head in hands. “Katraezyna. My sweet Katraezyna. We’re ruined.”…

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