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Second-rate writing

Simone de Beauvoir, author, essayist, social critic, and titan of feminism, wrote an influential essay in 1951 titled “Must We Burn Sade?” In it the infamous marquis is assessed through the lens of the reputation that he has garnered, and de Beauvoir finds both positive and negative aspects to his work and legacy. It is […]

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Write for your audience or for yourself?

Every writer wants to be read, and usually by as many people as possible. There are times when we write for ourselves: notes, thoughts, some bit of poetry, perhaps a whole book that is meant to be largely private or is mainly for practice. Yet at core that which we make the extra effort – […]

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And the winner is…

My fiction won’t win any awards. Nor will it even be read by many people. (Nudge, nudge—come on friends, tell your friends about my books! ;) ) Don’t get me wrong though, I’m okay with this. Popularity is not something I’ve sought, and although success would be welcomed (probably, it would depend on the form […]

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