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Catian Literary Taste, redux

Ahead of our latest By Prescription Only: Themed Writing showcase to begin next week, here’s something to get your fiction juices flowing: hand-picked by the author from our archives, Nick Cody reports on Cata’s literary scene. Enjoy! The only publication in Cata that could even remotely pass for a literary journal is called Taste Buds. […]

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Errata of Cata

Apart from teaching English conversation (referred to in the profession as English Language to Foreigners, or ELF), one of the duties delineated in my contract consisted of the revision of errors in Cata’s English publications. When Cata achieved independence from China and adopted English as the official language, the rustiness of their usage became quite […]

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The Showing, part two

“If you were an instrument, you’d be a big bassoon.” A softness had entered her voice and she said it without reprimand, without recrimination. Her slender head nestled between his large manly breasts. Then, realizing with a snort of laughter that she had gone off script, she turned to the audience and explained. “Pretty much […]

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What’s This About Cata?

This week’s post will attempt to clear up any confusion for those readers who have only recently joined the Cata series. The following links and blurbs should clarify the overall premise of the narrative and provide the gist of D. Covey’s somewhat haphazard excerpts. In total, the excerpts on Cata include the initial short story […]

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The Showing, part one

I headed out the door with the latest edition of Taste Buds¬†rolled into a tube. I had every intention of slapping Big John on the shoulder with it and telling him to get a load of this: “When the works of Ayn Rand were passed around intellectual circles, Cata shrugged.” The Catian reviewer went on […]

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Small Game

The beard had to go. It was like catnip to Catians, making seduction silly easy. And I won’t lie, there was a period of about three weeks when I was either being pulled into a bed or pulled back down into one. Daily, by Dia, Chloe, or Delphine with her velvet divan. Time passes and […]

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Under Cover Of The Night

No one is sure just how long Ambassador Kooning stayed in New York. The Feds must have scrambled like mad after she rejected their offer of lavish accommodations in D.C.. Either she smelled a rat, figuring that the place provided for her would be laced with snooping devices, or she was simply pursuing other interests […]

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Urban Observations

Lately, I’ve begun to wonder if I am a poor guide. An ill-suited ambassador. When the news about Cata started to emerge in the West, about it achieving independence from China generations ago, and how it now led the developed world in every measurable category of social well-being, aspiring writers and intellectuals must have looked […]

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The Bumper Crop

Cata has only one kind of chocolate bar. Having a pretty keen sweet tooth, I’ll admit that a cookie or candy bar is the first thing I look for when I walk into a convenience store.¬† Often in the States, it was my sole reason for leaving the house! Living in Taiwan, Korea, and Japan, […]

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The Moon Gate Sign

A mammoth sign looms over the entrance to Moon Gate that reads in four lines: “Welcome to Cata, No Drugs, No Alcohol, Gays Will Be Stopped and Frisked.” It is odd for so many reasons I don’t know where to start, so I’ll just touch on a few details and then get into my reason […]

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