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Writing the unseen

You have a character, the character has certain ideas, feelings, desires, hopes, dreams. The character has goals and motivations and is involved in actions aimed at expressing those motivations or achieving those goals. The character inhabits a place and time and moves in a world that is filled with other characters, objects, items, spaces, locations. […]

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“The Hoax” and identifying with one’s characters

Returning to “The Hoax”, and the issues about writing that it raises, I’d like to consider how Gere’s character in the movie relates to the character that he is writing about. Although he pretends to be co-writing the autobiography of Howard Hughes, he is of course acting completely on his own, as the title of […]

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Building with Legos

I acknowledge the trademarked status of “Lego” building blocks and use it here without permission. Phew! Legalities aside let’s get to it. :) After Mark’s recent Q&A with me for his site, and Paul’s post last week on first novels, I got to thinking about how I approach an idea when it’s new and it […]

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