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Flights of Fantasy

Other than by the default of being human I’m not sure what makes our species so interesting. We spend much of our time concerned about food, we move about in more or less set territories and even smaller circles of familiarity within them, we seek pleasure and avoid pain, we call to each other in […]

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Hardware and software

One of the many beauties of self-pubbing is the full control over nearly every aspect of the project that you retain. Want to put a picture of your pet dog on the cover? Go ahead! Think that a nice chapter-long section of stream-of-consciousness rambling from your protagonist is called for? Put it in! Decide that […]

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Pushed into it or a chosen route?

Many people end up self-publishing due to a lack of opportunities to follow the traditional route, while others embrace it as a way of avoiding the traditional route. There is a growing trend among writers, musicians, and film-makers, however, to self-produce their work for purely democratic reasons. I’m undecided where I stand on the issue, […]

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