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Craft’s slow burn

The nightly nine o’clock news here, as most national news in most places, always has a bit of fluff in its middle, and depending on the news day that fluff can be quite extended. In a recent program a local mystery writer was discussed for a good fifteen to twenty minutes. I half-listened as I […]

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Formatting a book’s interior: Blissful tedium

There are few feelings better in this writing life of ours than when a project is nearing its completion. The heady early days of The Idea are long gone, the creative bursts of the planning stages when all the world seemed at your fingertips have passed, the love/hate relationship of the first full draft has […]

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Devotion, or Loving a project

Devotion tends to get short shrift these days. It could be a byproduct of the mentality that our current economic system of favoring (well, sanctifying) consumerism has bred into us, where everything is easily disposable and even more easily replaced, or it could be a byproduct of our ever-shortening attention spans, where even the daily […]

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Goals and targets

“Seek freedom and become captive of your desires. Seek discipline and find your liberty.” That’s a quote from Frank Herbert, author of the Dune saga and a self-proclaimed stranger to writer’s block. His approach to writing was apparently just to sit down and do it, when it was “writing time” to simply sit there with […]

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Another By Prescription Only round has come and gone and I find myself in a whimsical mood so drift along with me, if you will, on some gentle breezes… I sometimes like to daydream about the kind of days I’d have if I were a full-time writer. How would I structure my time? How many […]

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