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Writing’s seasons

The rains come in spring (and summer and fall if you live in East Asia), the wheat, corn, rice, grows tall and proud, ripens, and is harvested. The soil rests, recovers, and the late winter or early spring sees another round of preparing, planting, tending, waiting. The moon waxes and wanes, the temperatures rise and […]

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The pain of editing, the pleasure of the next

Like any activity writing has its rhythms, its flows, ebbs, and tides. There is the idea phase, where a seed takes root, begins to send out tendrils, makes connections, and gradually, very gradually, a concrete shape takes form and presents itself. That is an exciting period, a feverish period, but hardly anything really gets done. […]

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Should we care about how a page looks?

In the Preface section to his book I Am a Strange Loop Douglas Hofstadter (an established American academic whose career got a rocket launch with the success of his 1979 book Gödel, Escher, Bach: An Eternal Golden Braid; I haven’t read that one but I’d only recommend the first half of his Strange Loop) discusses […]

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On quality

The quest for knowledge is an endless one and there are always other avenues to pursue. So it is that I have lately found myself winding down alleyways and side streets, coming upon writers and thinkers that stand far outside the academic world and its frequently prepackaged answers but that still have much to say […]

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Your book in the world

“A book may be written and remain unchanged; but with the world, and all potential readers, changing around it, can the book remain the same?” The above is taken from the delightfully well-written and very interesting PhD dissertation called “The Ways Hypothesis: An alternative approach to Society” by Athanasios A. Kastritis (DPhil in Social and […]

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Gettin’ Feedback 2

Everybody needs to spend time on the edit. Writers as diverse as JK Rowling and James Joyce have at some time or other commented on the special forces selection process otherwise known as editing. Joyce once came downstairs and declared with purpose and satisfaction that he’d finished. When quizzed if he meant the book, he […]

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Getting Feedback

Receiving feedback is always an exciting moment: months, maybe years of hard graft released from your hard drive, fired along the interweb, and then experienced by another human being. Waiting for it can be a twitcher: those ‘what ifs’ and ‘maybes’ shooting through your mind; those doubts about some of those commas you changed to […]

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The Edit

As I’m editing at the moment, I thought I’d post on revisions. So, what is a first draft and what is a second? What about a third? Or an eighth? For me, the first draft is when you’ve reached the end of the story for the first time. Maybe some of your scenes or, indeed, […]

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