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Grace Purcell Interview: Part 2

(Paul Rogers) Did you encounter any problems with self-publishing? (Grace Purcell) Yes, the formatting was difficult. When the book was uploaded to CreateSpace it often changed the format on some pages and this was challenging to solve. It was my first time using CreateSpace and I am not very familiar with formatting so this presented […]

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Grace Purcell Interview: Part 1

(Paul Rogers) Grace, Reflections On Lives Lost is a non-fiction book. The events depicted actually happened to you, and, of course Nelson. To protect your privacy, Grace is a pseudonym. How about the other characters who appear in the story? Did you change their names, too? (Grace Purcell) Actually all of the characters in the […]

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Site Update

Firstly, a big thanks to Nick Cody for sharing the first steps of his journey through Cata — a curious world of numbered women, jello beverages and luminescent undies. I for one will be watching closely to see how his project develops. If you missed them, you can find Nick’s excerpts here (in reverse order) […]

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