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Loving a book

Objects are meant to be static and to occupy a single place in the world. We think of the things that surround us as being testable, probable, picked-up-and-examined-able. We turn them over, look at their various angles, set them down, and go on our ways. Normal, everyday interaction. Yet some objects give us a little […]

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8 Tips to Boost your Self-Published Book

This week and next week James A. Rose has very kindly offered to do some guest posts for us about writing and the self-publishing process, specifically as regards marketing. Thanks again James for some wonderful nuts and bolts stuff! As if the undertaking of the monumental task of writing a book was not enough; marketing […]

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Hardware and software

One of the many beauties of self-pubbing is the full control over nearly every aspect of the project that you retain. Want to put a picture of your pet dog on the cover? Go ahead! Think that a nice chapter-long section of stream-of-consciousness rambling from your protagonist is called for? Put it in! Decide that […]

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Ebooks: Bastard children of the digital age

An Austrian friend of mine who is a decades long resident of Brazil once remarked to me that ebooks are a joke and that he doesn’t know any Europeans or Brazilians who own any or would even want one. Given their popularity in the Anglophone world that’s an interesting perspective. I’ve written on ebooks here […]

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