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Who cares about your self-expression?

The Age of Poetry, such as it was, has long since passed us by. The epic poem is dead, mythologies are now related via cinematic retellings and anime-style mash-ups, stories are told in tweets and unfinished, unpunctuated, ungrammatical social media posts. The fan girls and boys have taken over. Relaying how the Death Star was […]

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Write for your audience or for yourself?

Every writer wants to be read, and usually by as many people as possible. There are times when we write for ourselves: notes, thoughts, some bit of poetry, perhaps a whole book that is meant to be largely private or is mainly for practice. Yet at core that which we make the extra effort – […]

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Something old, something new

For the last three years I’ve focused entirely on my academic work, building up a publications list (in academic journals) of enough depth to make me – at least on paper – qualified for the type of full-time university work I’m going for. I got into the game late and had a lot of catching […]

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