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There are two main schools of thought on when to give a title to your work in progress, and any number of variations between those poles. The question mainly concerns the timing but there are perhaps some unforeseen consequences that result from the stance you take on the choice, and it is those that this […]

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As Yet, Untitled

Nick’s last blog post about the titling of Inherent Vice inspired me to write a general piece about titles. But then a neon tube flickered, before sputtering out in a power short. While wafting away cathode gas, I vaguely recalled blogging about this topic before. A quick search through the Drugstore archives confirmed that I […]

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Working Titles Again

Having blogged about titles once before, I’ll do my best to cover different ground.  As a good title is crucial to a book’s identity, finding one I’m happy with is something that I’ve always struggled with. I’ll list perhaps twenty or thirty over the course of writing a book, some, many in fact, are absolute […]

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Working Titles

“You love your title. I love your title. Barnes & Noble don’t like your title. Trust me, we’re getting a new title.” Those were the words of a blogging agent earlier this year while discussing the importance of titles and, more importantly, who is the most important link in the chain when publishing through traditional […]

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