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Goals and targets

“Seek freedom and become captive of your desires. Seek discipline and find your liberty.” That’s a quote from Frank Herbert, author of the Dune saga and a self-proclaimed stranger to writer’s block. His approach to writing was apparently just to sit down and do it, when it was “writing time” to simply sit there with […]

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How often — and how much — should we write?

I would have thought that one of us would have a done a post on writing pace but a search through the archives doesn’t turn anything up that’s directly related. (Correct if I’m wrong here, fellas.) Unless I’m overlooking something it does seem odd that we haven’t discussed this point yet as it is rather […]

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Word Count

It’s been said that the publishing industry just uses genre word count to annoy writers. The old jokes, hey? You just can’t beat ‘em. Information on current trends differs from blog to blog, so rather than just recalculate, amalgamate and regurgitate other people’s stats, I’ll point you here, here and here instead. Alternatively you could […]

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