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A Laser or a Searchlight?

Sometimes it flows out effortlessly, on and on and on, a wondrous river of sentences, a current of words, and sometimes – well, sometimes it just doesn’t. You know what I mean. Getting started on a new project of whatever length can either be the easiest and most instinctive thing in the world or it […]

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Craft’s slow burn

The nightly nine o’clock news here, as most national news in most places, always has a bit of fluff in its middle, and depending on the news day that fluff can be quite extended. In a recent program a local mystery writer was discussed for a good fifteen to twenty minutes. I half-listened as I […]

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Leftover words

It used to be the case that when a writer passed away you could sometimes find unpublished works tucked into drawers or safes, hidden under beds, stuffed behind sofas. The debris of ideas that could have been. These were often accompanied by notebooks filled with writing notes, some detailed enough that they were, at times, […]

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Let’s face it: writing is a nasty business. And that applies regardless of whether or not it actually is your business in purely economic terms. It’s an exhausting form of some kind of quasi-entrapment whereby the thought and trend police can spring the trigger and bring the gate to a slamming close behind us, leaving […]

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