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Should we care about how a page looks?

In the Preface section to his book I Am a Strange Loop Douglas Hofstadter (an established American academic whose career got a rocket launch with the success of his 1979 book Gödel, Escher, Bach: An Eternal Golden Braid; I haven’t read that one but I’d only recommend the first half of his Strange Loop) discusses […]

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On legacy

Last summer, in a post titled “Leftover words“, I considered what happens or may happen to the unpublished works that an author leaves behind them when they pass. The works might have been left unpublished because they were unfinished, or they might have been deemed not quite good enough by their creator, or they might […]

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There are two main schools of thought on when to give a title to your work in progress, and any number of variations between those poles. The question mainly concerns the timing but there are perhaps some unforeseen consequences that result from the stance you take on the choice, and it is those that this […]

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Finding the groove

Sometimes things just click—but not all at once. I had started thinking about and planning a project very slowly about two years ago. A character and basic plot had been gnawing at my brain but it was still pretty vague and I wasn’t in a big rush to get to it; I wanted to do […]

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