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A Project’s voice

“Find your voice.” A writer is always being told by other writers to find their own voice, their unique style, them in words, them in syntax, self in twenty-six letters or less. It can seem like a daunting task, an effortful and painful task, and when we think about those we read it can even […]

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Should we adjust for the times?

A couple of weeks ago Nick wrote a response to a piece on the purported death of the novel that raised some interesting points about value, expectations, reflective reading versus cursory reading, and consumer trends. It’s that last area that I’d like to consider in a little more depth here, specifically regarding whether or not […]

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myTunes 2:0

I’d planned to write about music this week; I’m still going to, but I’ve changed the direction a little because of a comment Andrew made about Jerry Garcia and the Grateful Dead after my last post. His comment got me thinking about taste, specifically, whether there’s a correlation between your writing style and your taste […]

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